Twitter: Security-flaw may have exposed users-messages

Important to know –

  • On Wednesday, Twitter revealed another security weakness.
  • It may have exposed the direct messages of android users.
  • The company stated that there is no proof that Android vulnerability has been exploited by attackers.
  • The specific weakness could have uncovered the private information of Twitter users who are using Android OS versions 8 and 9 devices.

Explanation –

on Wednesday, Twitter unveiled another security weakness that may have uncovered the immediate messages of users who access the service using Android devices. the company said that the vulnerability could have Specifically exposed the personal data of Twitter users who are currently using devices with versions 8 and 9 of Android OS. 

It further explained in a blog post that through a malicious app, this vulnerability could permit an attacker that you installed on your device to access the personal Twitter data especially direct messages on your device by framework authorizations that ensure against this.

Just weeks after130 of Twitter’s most outstanding users, the new vulnerability comes including Bill Gates, Joe Biden, and, Elon Musk had their records taken over by hackers as a bitcoin scam part. this week Earlier, Twitter additionally uncovered that it hopes to pay as much as $250 million to the Federal Trade Commission as it used personal data users given using personal date users provided for security used to target promoting instead.

in a blog, the company said, “Your privacy and trust are important to us and we will continue working to keep your data secure on Twitter.”

The company stated that there is no proof that the attackers exploited Android vulnerability has been abused. In any case, Twitter said it has started educating vulnerable users. The company has additionally upgraded its Android application so that vulnerability could be removed, and it is requiring any individual who may have been affected to update their Twitter for Android application. Twitter said it is additionally distinguishing changes to its procedures to all the more likely protection from against issues this way.